FS10 Finger Sprayer

FS10 picture

The FS10 finger sprayer complements trigger sprayers, having a high output, a low noise, and a well defined spray pattern. It is particularly suitable for hard surface cleaners, window cleaners, disinfectants, light furniture polish, car deicer and wheel cleaner. The high dose and low noise makes the FS10 highly suitable for animal insecticide sprays.

The FS10 takes less shelf space than a trigger pump, and does not overhang the bottle, making packaging simpler. Output is nominally 0.6cc to 0.7cc per stroke, and is delivered as a wet spray, not a fine mist.

The self-sealing action of the pump makes it resistant to leakage, even after use and when inverted. Even when the bottle is compressed, the pump resists leakage. The dustcap prevents accidental depression of the actuator.

We have about 4960 of these sprays available, in a 28/400 closure, with a 205mm diptube length. These pumps have an EPE gasket.
The only colour available is white. As this product is being run-out and will not be restocked, there are only a small number of these pumps remaining. These are packed in boxes of 1000, but smaller boxes are available, so the dispensers can be supplied in quantities from 100 upwards.
I am not VAT registered, so the price is just 5p each plus carriage at cost. Or, make an offer.

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